When meeting with children I offer:

A safe and confidential place to meet with your child to assist with specific issues like:

  • Long term sadness
  • Changes in your life
  • Bullying
  • Worries
  • Anger
  • Loneliness
  • Friendships
  • Relationships at home
  • The death of a parent or sibling.

Working together with your child is important as some changes are not possible for them to make without the support of their families.

An assessment phase:

I also like to meet with parents prior to meeting with children. This gives me an opportunity to gather important background information that could possibly be contributing to the way your child is presenting. After that I like to meet with your child for three one hour sessions. I will then meet back with you to discuss my findings and to make a plan going forward.

I am however bound by confidentiality, as defined by the New Zealand Association of Counsellors’ Code of Conduct and also understand the limits of confidentiality in terms of child care and protection.
This practically means that working together will mean respecting your child’s right for privacy. Should there be anything you need to know I will work with your child to include you.
Confidentiality applies to both you and your child.